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ACT Shenkar is a center of creative ideas worth looking at from an economic perspective. We aim to create new social and economic value by redefining the boundaries of art, design and engineering.

The center supports the professional development of students, graduates and faculty members, seeking to motivate, train and develop their creative skills and projects.

Each year, we scout for the most original ideas with a potential to succeed in today’s or tomorrow’s markets and offer them acceleration, creativity and business development tools within and outside the academic environment. Our ultimate goal is to lead those creative ideas towards economic sustainability.

ACT Shenkar promotes an environment of creativity by conducting numerous events, courses and lectures with a focus on entrepreneurship, innovation and creative research.

About Shenkar College of Engineering, Design & Art

Shenkar College of Engineering, Design & Art was founded in 1970. Located near lively Tel-Aviv, Shenkar offers more than 2650 students who are enrolled in our Bachelor’s and Master Degree programs, a unique international learning experience.

We pride ourselves on our interdisciplinary approach combining the worlds of Design, Engineering and Multidisciplinary Art, offering our students world-class and career orientated education while promoting values of excellence and creativity.

The Azrieli Faculty of Design is one of the leading design faculties in the world and offers studies towards a Bachelor of Design degree (B.Des) in six different fields: Fashion, Industrial, Interior building and Environment, Jewelry, Textile and Visual Communication. In addition, we offer the Azrieli Graduate Program in Design (M.Des) in the fields of Fashion, Textile, Jewelry and Accessories.
The Pernick Faculty of Engineering is a center for the promotion of research which works closely with the industry. The Faculty offers studies towards a Graduate Degree (MSc) in Plastics Engineering and Bachelor of Engineering Degrees (BSc) in five different fields: Plastics, Software, Chemical, Electronics and Industrial Engineering & Management.

The Multidisciplinary Art Department offers studies towards a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree (BFA), which includes drawing, sculpture, photography, video art, computer art, sketching, printing, art installation and environmental sculpture, and encourages collaboration between the disciplines.

As a multi-disciplinary school, we constantly step beyond the comfort zone of each discipline in order to innovate and create new value. Graduates of the College are able to continue to further studies and to hold key roles in the industry. Many of the graduates of the Faculty of Design have earned an international reputation.

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