The tubular bells which catch the wind blowing, with their harmonious
sound lead us to an eternal space, a pure and crystalline space.
Pure water, which gives brightness to the crystal, turns the surrounding
environment into a stretch of water, filling itself with light and generating
continuous moving reflections.
This is the synthesis of Amalia, created by young talents of IED School of
Milan the company placed its trust in and also a way to state a new
approach to design and an evolution in terms of style. A conceptual,
formal and sensory lighting system. It reminds us, once lightened up, the
ocean under the moonlight: it conveys calm and looseness; it generates
an emotional interaction between Us and the light source.
Amalia is a different interpretation and an unusual reading of lighting as
an architectonical element. It is innovative from both a technological and
a materials selection point of view. The glass tubulars, indeed, are
“dressed” in a special photosensitive film.
Crystals, floating inside the tubes, slowly fluctuate recreating the waves
reflections in motion. LED lights at the base of the tubes that illuminate the
same crystals, complete the complex architecture of Amalia.
Design Giada Chervantin, FranziskaBaier, VeekritPalarit, Anastasia Vorontsova.

Company’s Profile

Italamp philosophy stems from the perception of the context in which we live and from the awareness that being projected into the future does not mean leaving the past behind: the classics, tradition, our Made in Italy, seen as a genuine research, enhancement and development of the rich heritage of Italian craftsmanship, should not be considered as a passage of history relegated to memory, rather should be put back to play to stay “at hand”.

From 1975 Italamp is a strong and harmonious team of people and a well known brand, which, under the creative direction of Roberta Vitadello and thanks to strength, determination and vision, has grown and evolved developing a strong identity of style and design. Accurate selection of materials, care for details, updated planning and, at the same time, ability to observe things from the past with new eyes: these are the key-words underlying the strategic vision of the company, that with great creative spirit and continuous research, offers innovative and original objects of light, anticipating the future trends of the market.