ECOZEMA for Materials Village

ECOZEMA participates aperitif offered by Material ConneXion Italia at Materials  Village providing plates, glasses, napkins and cutlery sustainable, biodegradable and compostable.

Biodegradable and compostable biopolymers coming from renewable vegetal sources are today available for industrial productions. Ecozema, Fabbrica Pinze Schio Srl, uses biopolymers such as Mater-Bi® ( or Ingeo™ ( to manufacture compostable cutlery, cups and plates according to European norm EN13432. This norm establishes the characteristics that a product must have to be treated in an industrial composting facility. Our cutlery has been the first in the world to obtain the OK-Compost certificate, issued by AIB-Vincotte according to EN13432. Beside cutlery, cups and plates Ecozema range includes also a wide range of other items useful to organize a low environmental impact event. Fabbrica Pinze Schio Srl, with its Ecozema product line, is today leader in manufacturing and distributing this kind of items in the European market.