Innovative solutions for digital-makers and contemporary artisans

Material ConneXion Italia particepates at Sharing Designthe wonders of design shared at FuoriSalone of Milan- by Milano Makers, in coproduction with the Comune di Milano, in Fabbrica del Vapore – Cattedrale, with the exhibition “Innovative solutions for digital-makers and contemporary artisans” presenting a selection of the most recent solutions connected to the theme of the new productions avant-craft.

At “Innovative solutions for digital makers and contemporary artisans” three groups of materials,selected according to diverse themes, will be displayed.

The first group includes innovative solutions dedicated to 3d printing and digital rapidmanufacturing. The world of digital materials is in fact continuously evolving and wideningtechnological potentialities offered to contemporary self-produced design: polymers with differentdensities and hardness that can be used together in the same printing process; materials reinforcedwith tailored additives; filaments, granules, waxes, powder metal alloys; metal-polymer hybrids; woodpolymercomposites; multi-color and multi-material manufacturing processes.

The second group displays a gallery of advanced materials designed to respond to the needs ofthe new craft-like manufacturing processes. It is a series of solutions allowing workability with thenew craftsmanship techniques, giving way to a new generation of small-scale productions whereindustrial design meets crafts.

The third series of proposals shows avant-craft materials characterized by that uniqueness typicalof hand made work, but at the same time adapted to industrial processes that allow them to beemployed on a large scale. Design today can count on innovative solutions to realize objects that oncewere not achievable with traditional industrial processes based on serial production.

In all the three proposed selections, crafts culture mixes with the industrial manufacturing practices,making possible an entirely new generation of potential products.The exhibition, arranged by Material ConneXion Italia, unveals a variety of innovative materialsavailable for the products of new digital makers and advanced artisans.

The show is completed by thepresence of Hamlet, leader in the industry of telecommunications, networking and 3D printers, andtechnical partner of the initiative.

Sharing Design
Fabbrica del Vapore – Cattedrale
Via Procaccini 4, 20154 Milano
From Tuesday 8 to Sunday 13, 11am – 12pm