Sophistication and distinction are found on Naturtex rug collection as most of the products are created to become timeless thanks to their classic contemporaneous look, and to their elegance and sobriety. These rugs can be a part of our home decoration during several years thanks to their timeless aesthetics and their exquisite fine materials, whether they come in their original form or they show special finishes.

Naturtex fabrics are archetypes of the traditional and classic textile morphology, such as braided fabrics, herringbones, etc. but with a fresher look thanks to the use of innovative raw materials and their combinations and finishes, combining classic and contemporary aesthetics which makes it ideal as a complement to the Elegance style. Our products are the fruit of a creative conciliation between tradition and innovation, and they come up while experimenting with manufacturing processes, raw materials.

Naturtex “Custom Fit” service is nothing but a way conceived to promote collaboration and custom made projects. We are a flexible company capable of adapting to particular and concrete needs of each project. Experimenting with different materials or even sometimes with some which are not common to textile, such as stainless steel, which we have woven adapting and reconverting our traditional manufacturing processes.


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