Toyo Aluminium K.K.

Toyo Aluminium KK

Toyo Aluminium KK is one of the major aluminium product producers on global scale.

The company was originally established in 1931 as Sumitomo Aluminium under joint fundings of Alcan Canada and Sumitomo.

We serve various markets including package converting, kitchen consumables, paints and printing inks, industrial powders and fillers of various functions, and photo-voltaics, just to name a few, with aluminium and aluminium-related products such as foils, pigment flakes and pastes, functional powders, and alloyed powders for 3D additive manufacturing.

Technology-driven with dedicated teams to fulfill various customer needs we continue on our efforts to make our living better with both functional and effect products such as foils, foil products, aluminium pigments, aluminium nitride powders, conductive powders and flakes, alloyed aluminium powders, stainless steel flake pastes and paints, solar panel backsheet inks, etc.

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