The next steps of the Materials Village

The meeting for a drink that Material ConneXion Italia has offered to partners of the first edition of the Materials Village was the occasion to present the next steps of the journey that will accomplish the village of materials.

The President of Material ConneXion Italia Rodrigo Rodriquez has emphasized the importance of this operation remembering how important material’s research is for the future of design: “Where all forms have already been invented is now the matter has to give psychosensorial value to the creations of the designers” he said.

Rodriquez wanted to personally thank all the Italian and foreign companies that took part in the platform organized during the Design Week 2014 at Triennale di Milano. “Companies that have believed and invested in this initiative, albeit at a time of economic crisis from which, however, judging by the success of public interest and found, it seems we can say that one is about to go out”.

Later Emilio Genovesi , CEO of Material ConneXion Italia explained: “These days the whole world looks to Milan to find innovations in design and so there was no better time to start our Materials Village, a project that is not ephemeral, but the beginning of a journey. In September it will go 100% Design in London and we have a space similar in size to the one you got here in the Triennale, but indoors. Because if luck has witnessed during this year’s Salone del Mobile, the first non wet from the rain that you can remember, in London on downpours risk is too high!”

Genovesi added that those who want to start making contacts for continuation, or enter for the first time in the Materials Village, may do by accessing the or by writing directly to For those interested there is also the opportunity to participate in an intermediate stage, slightly reduced in size, next July in Innoprom in Ekaterinburg in Russia.