Materials Village @ London Design Festival 2016

100% Design – Olympia London
Design & Build – Stand E494

From the 21st to the 24th of September Materials Village, the Material ConneXion Italia’s hub dedicated to materials, new technologies and sustainability, will be at 100% Design – Olympia London, the well-known design fair in United Kingdom.

After the success of Italian edition held during the FuoriSalone 2016 in Milan, Materials Village will be, for the third time, among the protagonists of 100% Design during the London Design Festival. The LDF whole program consists of over 400 events and exhibitions organized by hundreds of international partner such as institutions, companies and designers.

Also this year, Materials Village will be showed by its format consisting of “houses” as in a true village. Each house will be dedicated to a project related to materials and production processes.

The exhibit concept of this Materials Village is designed by Giulio Ceppi – Total Tool.

Fields of application are different: textile, architecture, interior design, furniture and lighting.

Some innovative companies specialized in different fields of applications are partners of this third London edition:

ALMECO spa: an international Company which provide a wide range of aluminium finishes and endless shades of colours. Bandoxaldecor offers exclusive and original technical solutions providing lightness, brightness and hue.

Antipanic: is one of the European leaders in the production of Panic Exit devices. It created the brand called “THESIGN” the first and unique Panic device entirely manufactured in STAINLESS STEEL 316.

BACKLIGHT SRL: Light is life, warmth, emotion, the discovery of a truth shrouded in shadow. Backlight has studied light’s malleability and bent it to the needs of production mathematics: The result is an amazing material that can adapt to any solution.

I-MESH: I-MESH is a material patented to create ventilated sun protection for buildings and people. In interiors to create non occlusive “air walls”, curtains and ceilings. Materials and custom décors blended into a graphical language that takes inspiration equally from history and contemporary.

TOSHIBA MATERIALS CO., LTD: TRI-R, the new LED technology developed by Toshiba Materials in collaboration with TOL Studio, for brand management, produces a natural light, based on the solar spectrum. It gives sharpness to details and textures without altering colors and creates a soft atmosphere, respecting the circadian rhythm associated with human wellbeing.

XL EXTRALIGHT®: XL EXTRALIGHT® is a closed-cell Material produced using an exclusive production process patented in Italy and worldwide. Made from polyolefin-based granules, it weighs around three times less than other materials with the same mechanical properties. The defining feature of the product is its combination of low density and optimum physical and mechanical properties with a distinctive soft touch handful.