3M Design in collaboration with Matteo Thun & Partners presents: “A Pinnacle of Reflection.”

3M Design

How nature inspires a lustrous color experience
At the 2019 Milan Design Week , the well-known US based material science company 3M , will build on last year’s theme of wonder and curiosity as an engine for innovation, and present an installation that celebrates nature to inspire meaningful and sustainable solutions.
A Pinnacle of Reflections will be displayed at Superstudio during the Milan Design Week and is the result of a collaboration between the global 3M Design team and renowned studio Milan-based architect Matteo Thun & Partners .
This unique collaboration is driven by the shared values that curiosity and experimentation drives knowledge for problem solving and progress.
Visitors will be invited to step into a kaleidoscopic colorful experience reflecting the inspiration ofthe rare blue morphic butterfly behind 3M’s multilayer optical film technology and the transformation from caterpillar to butterfly representing the power of innovation. Spectacular colors will be seen throughout the space as light reflects the multilayer films creating an imaginative effect for visitors.
3M Materials displayed at the installation include 3M Dichroic ™ and Fasara TM window films, DI-NOC TM architectural films and 3M™ Nomad floor mats.
3M Design partnered with Rubner Holzbau for construction of the installation, as well as iGuzzini for the installation’s lights components.

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