Window on Élitis’ garden


Experiment, dare to be bold, and act as explorers in the field of upholstery fabric and wall covering, this is Élitis’ philosophy. A key figure in interior design, Élitis creates and publishes innovative products which exude a keen sense of style, creating an atmosphere, a lifestyle. Every year Élitis continues to pursue its creed expressed by relentlessly searching for new materials and textures that will come to life on walls. This vitality has always been the driving force behind our creative team, a touch of genius flirting with the times. “We like to take the time to sit back, contemplate, observe and find each other again. We are captivated by our amazing encounters with craftspeople, passionate about their work, whose infinite inspiration continues to fuel our imagination. Their work consists of patience, attention to detail and dexterity. They add a mark of uniqueness, authenticity and longevity that we always look forward to sharing with you. We were swept away by the beauty and creativity that some fashion designers have to offer which in turn, we wanted to transpose to our universe. Raffia, wood, metal, linen, cotton have proved to be the essential elements of our DNA and we have had the opportunity to reinterpret them from different angles, as each of these materials is unique and deserves to be constantly reinvented. This creative process truly suits us, a delectable experience marked by unforgettable encounters.”

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via Savona, 97
20144 milano, italia
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