Making a Material Difference


Founded  in 1965, Finproject is a leading manufacturer of expanded and cross-linked products and compounds for the most important brands in the footwear sector  and other industrial sectors such as automotive, spa industry, furniture, safety etc. Fiproject’s products are commercialized with the trademark XL EXTRALIGHT and protected by several international patents.

XL EXTRALIGHT® is the result of the most advanced technological research and creativity of Finproject laboratories, in-depth studies on innovative materials and bold intuition: it is the outcome of an exlusive produtction process that begins with the formulation of the Material (through the engineering of moulds) and ends with moulding.

The Material, which is 3 times lighter tha other materails with same mechanical properties, comes from a new polyolefin- based compound ideal for producing expanded and reticultaed products using injection technology.

Adding to the proverbial lightness of the material color, softness and tactility, XL EXTRALIGHT® has the power to transform any object into something new and unexpected. Making components and items of daily use more practical and imaginative, XL EXTRALIGHT® can even make life lighter.

XL EXTRALIGHT combines low density and excellent physical-mechanical properties with a particular tactual sensation “sof touch”. The result is a light, flexible, resistant to shocks and cuts Material, therefore it is vandal-proof, also anti-bacterial, anti-allergic, waterproof and highly resistant to high temperatures, eco-friendly.



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