Decolan is a Swiss based leading supplier in the decorative design industry, offering a great variety of surfaces and finishes, both for interior and exterior applications. Besides its traditional HPL laminates, Decolan offers innovative decorative surfaces, which can dramatically change the look of any home, office, shop, bar, restaurant, hotel and even yacht.

Decostone is a revolutionary natural product: it originates from real blocks of slate and quartzite with a thickness of about 1.50 mm. This real stone veneer is flexible, ultra-thin, waterproof and durable: it’s a fantastic choice for walls, offices, meeting rooms, partitions and halls. Each sheet is extremely lightweight, weighing just over 1.5kg per m2, allowing a real stone finish to applications that would be impossible with traditional stones. Decostone is supplied in 1220 x 610mm sheets with larger sheets available on selected slates. It is also waterproof, fire retardant and environmentally friendly: it can be used both outdoor for exterior wall cladding and indoor, allowing designers to give a contemporary theme runs throughout all areas of a building. It is not just an innovative product, but an ideal choice for a world class finish and an eye catching result, which will both inspire and stimulate. Thanks to the polyester resin and fiberglass applied to the back each sheet, Decostone is flexible like a laminate and can be easily fitted to curved surfaces such as pillars and walls. Each of the 16 different varieties available have their very own individual beauty in look and texture, showing a unique design that is both classic and modern. With no two sheets ever the same, each Decostone application is special and distinctive.

Decoflex3D are decorative thermoplastic panels that are 3-dimensioned by a proprietary process. Similar to HPL laminates in thickness and size, Decoflex3D also have impact, chemical, abrasion, U.V., stain and fire properties. It can be customized on demand, with hundreds of designs and different color combinations, and it’s always extremely easy to install: it’s compatible with many different adhesives and installation methods. These panels are suitable for walls, ceilings, backsplashes, furniture, display fixture and wherever designers want to dramatically change the look of interior spaces making them have a real “wow effect” on guests and customers.

TEMPO is Decolan range of mosaics, created with a precise selection of stones cut like fine diamond artisanship and arranged in bold designs. TEMPO mosaics are made up of premium quality raw materials with various colors, sizes and designs. They can boast an excellent uniformity, high compression ratio and resistance towards stain. These stones provide an attractive appearance to the place where they are used. Decolan’s range is so wide that for sure any need can be satisfied.

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