A+A Design Studio



Today it is all about perception and how you make customers feel when they purchase your product or service, that will keep them coming back for more.
We strongly believe that consumers need to buy the experience they get from what they purchase and that a positive perception, combined with an unforgettable experience, will create loyalty and authenticity.
We are A+A, a creative engine since 1995 accompanying many international brands from all different industries in deciphering the directions of tomorrow.
Our mission stems from the need to bring our creative know-how to life, making it tangible and tactile. Our expertise is designed to transform an idea into a functional and innovative product keeping in mind future evolutions and consumer needs.
One of A+A’s distinct qualities is it’s location that has, over the years, absorbed the history and creativity of the real Italian artisanal know-how but combined with semi industrial technology
Therefore, at our first inaugural participation at the Fuori Salone 2019, we decided to bring a piece of us to you and let you experience how future vision can materialize into unique artworks and inspirational tools.
Visiting us in Materials Village you will have the chance to access a space which is usually unknown in its genre and not open to the public. You will be driven by a curiosity to discover how a creative engine transpires future conceptual ideas with use of colors, material, textures and sensorial experiences.

A+A DESIGN STUDIO Info Viale delle Rimembranze di Greco 51 n° 51
20100, Milano