Aecore: solutions for interior design

Alfatherm SpA

Alfatherm is an Italian company and an European leader in the production of thermoplastic films. The constant drive for innovation has made of Alfatherm a world leader in the surface decoration industry. The company is a reference point for the world’s leading manufacturers of decorative panels, thanks to its super-matt surfaces highly resistant to scratches and stains, and to its exclusive embossed-in-register technology which allows to produce decorated surfaces hardly distinguishable from real wood.
On the occasion of Fuorisalone of Milan, at the Material Village, Alfatherm and Breda present AECORE, the unique and innovative thermoplastic laminate specially designed for the world of architecture and design, that combines aesthetics and functionality with the respect for the environment.
Developed by Giuseppe Cerizza, Technical Director of Alfatherm and coordinated for the choice of colour schemes and surfaces by Architect Fabrizio Bianchetti, AECORE excels on the market for its extreme versatility.
Available in a very wide range of surfaces, designs and colours, AECORE is fully customisable according to the project, this thanks also to innovative techniques such as the 3D printing or the embossed-in-register technology, which enhances the wood effect.
Ideal for covering any internal or external surface at home, in offices or stores, AECORE resists scratches, moisture and heat. Thanks to the possibility of bactericidal surfaces, it is also suitable for healthcare structures.

Breda Tecnologie

Breda Tecnologie, founded in 1963, is constantly evolving with attention to the market and always considering new technologies, in recent years has invested in research and development of systems for the production of lightened composite panels for commercial fittings, top tables, finished tables, furnishing accessories for the contract sector. At the end of 2017, the first collections of aesthetic finishes were created for furniture manufacturers, furnishing accessories and objects such as the Stucco, B.Metal, B.Plus and the innovative B.Plus Thermo. These finishes, proposed with MDF, HPL or other special supports (ex. PVC), are destined to give a further boost to the market in terms of design and taste typically Italian. In this event Breda Tecnologie displays 2018 aesthetic finishes and some artefacts made with these innovative materials; T-Iron 2 / system (coffee table) – B.Plus finish (seats and bathroom furniture) – B.Stucco (chest) finish as well as the range of lightened composite panels.


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