Almeco, an international Company which shapes the continuous changes of the environment with innovative products and services. The scale of our production resources supports a range of projects from small run, to large global launches. We constantly aim to provide perfect service, we are experts in delivering customised solutions to meet the needs of the architectural sector.


Aluminium, this exceptional material is blessed with a range of natural physicochemical and aesthetic qualities. With bandoxaldecor™, we have further enhanced it to include colour, transparency and texture.

Continuous anodising gives lasting, invisible protection against corrosion, while improving aluminium’s intrinsic reflective properties. The key finishing process is the electrolytic brightening and colouring process. It is possible, at will and indefinitely, to incorporate colours that are consistent and stable over time, into the very heart of the material, which becomes part of the material itself.

Available in more than 50 colours and 15 different finishes Almeco’s brand offers you a wide range of combinations, spanning the entire spectrum, as well as a range of fascinating variants such as metallic shades with a broad selection of finishing: smooth, brushed, satin-finish or textured.

The infinite range of combinations of colours and finishes available allows you to choose the surface, texture and colour for an expressive, lasting and tailor-made solution.

bandoxaldecor™ is inspiring designers and architects, opening up new horizons: airports, shopping malls, cruise ships, shops, hotels and casinos, trade centres or public buildings. It is becoming the material of choice for wallboards, suspended ceilings, designer furniture, decorative lighting and various displays, blending perfectly with wood, glass, and ceramics…

This versatile material, representing an attractive alternative, advantageously replaces other metals such as titanium, stainless steel, brass, copper, bronze, tin and of course silver and gold.

bandoxaldecor™ in 10 points:
1- Variety of choice of textures, colours and finishes (more than 50 hues and 15 finishes).
2- Consistent finish and homogeneous colour across the entire surface, at the heart of the material.
3- 100% recyclable, environmentally friendly product. No formaldehyde, no paint, no lacquer,no resins or solvents.
4- Tough and light (2.7 g/cm3 against 7.9 g/cm3 for steel) its durability over time is exceptional.
5- Ductile, fireproof-rated and chemical inertness.
6- Available in various thicknesses, from 0.25 mm to 1 mm, in coils or sheets of up to 1,250 mm.
7- Malleable and designed for a wide range of transformation techniques, from bending and shaping to cutting, gluing and stamping.
8- Can be silkscreen printed, hot stamped, and laser, mechanically or chemically engraved.
9- Easy to clean and anti-static.
10- Delivered with a removable film protecting the surface right up to its end use.

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