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Careful to contemporary requests and languages, Buzzi & Buzzi emerged on the national and international market, specializing in production of total recessed luminaires. The company distinguishes during years for the ethic commitment based on the respect of environment, not only using Coral® that overcoming the concept of zero impact, has an active role improving the space in which is installed, but also with the choice of lighting sources like compact fluorescent and LED. Buzzi & Buzzi is a successful company careful to the innovation, to the study on the materials and to the continuous enhancement of quality and services. This philosophy allowed to develop and patent, beside Coral®, new materials that today distinguish and innovate the whole production: DurCoral®, the new outdoor material, Coral Water Out®, thought for application in SPA, wellness club, or private situation where light and water have a fundamental role and AirCoral® eco-­active material, antipollution and antibacterial patented and certified by the American Agency TCNA (Tile Council of North America), that is able to purify air contributing effectively to improve quality of life. Beside this, to fit the growing needs of the market, Buzzi & Buzzi created a whole line of “competitive” products for the Contract world, made of Coral®, thought to grant high quality and affordable prices.

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