Collesi Italian Vision

EB Marmi e Graniti Srl

EB Marmi e Graniti s.r.l. operating since 1948 in the field of stone material processing, unites passion, experience and tradition with the most advanced technologies. This combination allows us to meet the most particular needs and to express our creativity at its best, both in Italy and abroad.

EB Marmi e Graniti Srl Info Via Gramsci 31
cap 20881Bernareggio (MB)
Tel 039/6900261

Faos Snc

FAOS exists and operates in the market of the furnishings and custom furniture since 1969. The company, that since the beginning was equipped with the complete production cycle , at the end of the 80s was able to produce complete furnishing to its own design. The current production to design , ranging from refined style furnishings , the elegant classic to ultra-modern minimalist , thanks to the use of cutting edge materials and techniques , combined with craftsmanship and interpretive wisdom accumulated over the years , allow the company to offer its customers a exclusive product, unique and irreplaceable for design, quality and efficiency.

Faos Snc Info Via Maria Callasa, 16
20821 Meda (MB)
Tel. 0362/70552

Faravelli Remo

Faravelli Remo Parquet since 1979 manufactures traditional and artistic floors performed manually and still faithful to the techniques of the past.

Faravelli Remo Info Via Emilia Pavese, 19 - Fraz. Salerno
27040 Arena Po (PV)


For years we are in the field of passive safety, providing the complete execution of the work with the help of cutting-edge systems and means. Operating range is varied: compasses for banks, jewelers, armored blind walls and windows, aluminum windows and iron doors, wrought iron and metal furniture. The experience gained over the years has allowed us to meet the many special needs of our customers.

IdealStrutture Info Via Curiel, 5/7 – 20017 Mazzo di Rho (MI) – Tel. 02 93900451 – Fax 02 93900606
E-mail : info@idealstrutture.it – www.idealstrutture.it

ti studio di Giorgio Tura

Creating furniture in parchment, galuchat and other special skins for apartments, shops, boats or home accessories for over 30 years.

ti studio di Giorgio Tura Info T studio di Giorgio Tura
Via Fermi 7 – 22070 Bregnano (Como)

Vavassori e Brignoli s.n.c.

Vavassori e Brignoli s.n.c., a company that has been around for 25 years, is focused on architectonic and artistic business as well as studying and designing glass and arts structures for private and commercial buildings. Technical expertise and preparation of our staff allows us to support architects, designers and private professionals in the most sensible phases of design and implementation.

Vavassori e Brignoli s.n.c. Info Via Basella 468
Urgnano 24059 (BG)
tel. e fax 035 897703

Studio Collesi

Unique and exclusive pieces of great artisans, children’s intriguing relationship with the material and know-how, rather than a calculated marketing choice: instinctive and empirical projects at the same time, which bloom, grow and evolve, starting from our roots consist of experiences and cultures, handicrafts and architecture, reports and curiosity. These the elements of the house designed by architect Collesi.

Studio Collesi Info www.studiocollesi.it