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B&F Srl

B&F = BULDING FACTORY. General Contractor managing the entire supply chain of the product, from concept to building site and start-up with the highest optimization of time, costs, procedures on a customized contract basis. An innovative Company specialized in the production of ventilated facade systems and products for the energy and building requalification of an existing unit or complex.

B&F Srl Info Via Roma, 3 - 38083 Condino (TN)
Tel. 0465.670062 - Fax 0465.670564

Lignum Venetia

Lignum Venetia comes from a passion lived in family, from a unique experience gained over time, based on the love for wood and respect for nature and its original beauty. The pursuit of health, wellness and domestic warmth are fundamental principles for safeguarding our family environment. On these principles lies the new architectural challenge in the continuous research for reconciling nature with technology, art with science, mankind with machinery. Our floors are thought and made to achieve these objectives.

Lignum Venetia Info Via San Quirino 24B - 33170 Pordenone Italy
T +39 0434 370104
F +39 0434 253053
E office@lignumvenetia.com


MBA GREEN BUILD’s  mission is to create a winning combination of respect for the environment and quality in the design and construction of ecological houses wooden safe, healthy, versatile and environmentally friendly. Our philosophy is rooted in the ancient art of shaping wood, used since the dawn of time to create tools, art sculptures, furniture, and especially homes for shelter. The company has joined in this vocation many years of experience in the construction of wooden houses and a team of professionals and skilled workers, who follow the customer in the various stages of construction of the house: from architecture to interior design, from the structure to the rustic and to the supply and installation of the various systems and coatings, until the issue of energy certification.


MBA Info Via Aldo Moro, 2C
Almenno San Bartolomeo
24030 (Bg)
Telefono: +39 0350343134

Pream Fono

Pream Fono works in acoustic fields giving birth to exclusive products with high performances, the result of ongoing research in wood processing, innovation of materials and aesthetic solutions, for the highest comfort of private spaces, workplaces, public and  collective spaces.

Customised projects, like tailored designer garments, perfect in every detail and full design support are reason for choosing Pream Fono to create unique architectural interiors and a quality of living that looks to future.

Pream Fono Info Via Flaminia 46
61030 Montefelcino (PU)
ph: +39 0721.74 32 1


Massimiliano Mandarini – Marchingenio

Marchingenio Workshop Laboratory of Design, Architecture and Green Services  is directed by the architect Massimiliano Mandarini with the aim of developing a culture of design tailor green. Carries out design integrated from research, concept to execution and realization. Start-up accompanied by the Department of Design at the Politecnico di Milano has internally developed an integrated team of architects, sustainability experts, designers, engineers, planners and landscape architects.

Massimiliano Mandarini – Marchingenio Info Via Venezian 17/a 24068 Seriate (BG) - Via Terzo di Mezzo 41 31020 Marlengo (BZ) - Tel/Fax 035 301 561
Mobile 329 7257778 - email massimo.mandarini@marchingenio.eu - web www.marchingenio.eu