Andretto Design, the essence of Murano Glass, in all it’s naked and essential beauty.

Maria Cristina Andretto’s creations come from ancient artisanal traditions and contemporary aesthetic rigour Made in Italy.

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Gardesa for over 30 years is designing and manufacturing security doors designed to protect homes, offices, public places. Gardesa is part of ASSA ABLOY Group, the world leader in door opening solutions. Safety, security, design, easy installation and use are the main features of our doors. Gardesa presents R EVO3: a one-of-a-kind, highly innovative technology that is sure to revolutionize the world of armoured doors. Gardesa meets the most up-to-date needs in terms of design, performance and sustainability. REVO3 is the first and only armoured door that can be fully customized by changing all the visible components of both the frame and of the exterior finishes: a customization that can be changed at any time, in just a few minutes and directly onsite. The entrance door thus becomes a furnishing item, available to design engineers, architects, interior designers and users, that blends in well with the style of one’s home, changing as the style changes yet continuing to guarantee the highest level of security.

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OLTREMATERIA® represent “Green Life”, a new philosophy with low environmental impact, for people’s health and well-being.
Possessing in-depth knowledge of the most sophisticated and environmentally sustainable technologies on the market, aimed at customers of dealers and professionals interested in the use of systems for continuous surfaces with high performance and eco-friendly materials for a low impact on the environment.

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The new vision of the surfaces.
Tactis is the panel for interior furnishing service, available in a variety of effects ligneii and metal, which gives the interior a refined taste and concrete. The project is based on industrial processes and craft mixed with great experience and it belongs to the history and culture of the “Made in Italy”. Due to its versatility, the panel tactis is the ideal choice for contract and adapts to multiple customizations.

Tactis Info Brand of BVR srl
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XL EXTRALIGHT by Finproject

XL EXTRALIGHT® is a closed-cell material and a product of the most advanced technological research and creativity of Finproject laboratories, in-depth studies on innovative materials and bold intuition. It is the result of an exclusive production process that begins with the chemical formulation of the material and ends with moulding also through the engineering of moulds.
This Material which is 3 times lighter than other materials with the same resistance, comes from a new polyolefin-based compound ideal for producing expanded and reticulated products using injection technology.
The quality of the XL EXTRALIGHT® has proved to be far ahead of all alternative materials due to its excellent values of lightness, durability, comfort, good physical and mechanical properties and excellent tactile appearance.
It also acts as a natural shock absorber, exhibits excellent resistance against aging and has good buoyancy.
Light, flexible, strong and eco-friendly, it lends itself to numerous applications, from footwear and automotive sector, through to spa industry products and marine accessories and other technical products.

XL EXTRALIGHT by Finproject Info Finproject S.p.A.
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Matteo Ragni Studio

An installation of materials: very seductive idea for a designer. A unique opportunity to realize a dream: to stage wonderful materials , with their amazing and unexpected characteristics , their origins natural or totally aritificiali , virtuous , sustainable or expression of a cutting-edge scientific and technological research .

A unique temptation to put them all in the same environment and directing a metaphorical orchestra of design possibilities .

Sincronicity is precisely this: the creation of an almost childlike fantasy. A key mechanism that speaks of synchrony of movements and positions not random , the flowing fluid of an organic process , although jousted and directed by the man.

Look at these innovative materials and full of potential with an eye so free from ” commitments” project has served soprrattutto to discover the real possibilities and to pay tribute , at least symbolically , to the time that we are living rich , stimulating, lively. An artificial garden that grows before our eyes , built with wisdom and ecological commitment. More than this…

Matteo Ragni Studio Info www.matteoragni.com