I-MESH is a multi-axial and multifunctional non-woven grid which is constituted by high-tech mineral and/or man-made yarns (carbon, glass, basalt, Zylon and Technora fibers) stabilized by a resin system. The product assumes the natural colours of the fibers that can be varied in freedom within the same creation, generating unique chromatic an visual effects.
Our production system is so flexible that we can create personalized pattern samples with great simplicity and speed.  The tools that we utilize to create new drawings are the same the designer/architect utilize in their daily work, hence exchange of data is oversimplified.
Thanks to this unique versatility it is utilized in many branches of Architecture: in Interior and Exterior, Scenography, Branding and Retail, Design of Products.

I-MESH: “I” means Interface. What separates without dividing. “Air walls”, curtains and ceilings essentially, but also a thousand more solutions in Scenography, Branding and Retail, Product Design.
Outdoor, environment for which it was invented, I-MESH is an horizontal shading system or a ventilated envelop or a punctual window screen, making up for a unique ventilated roof or for a “soft” architectural facades.
Its sustainability is made of lightness, simplicity of installation, savings in transport, recycle-ability, thermal and light diffusion performance for buildings.

I-MESH is a certified product by many international standards which define its resistance to fire.
For further information you are invited to connect to www.i-mesh.eu


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