IBM Italia

IBM Italia

For the first time IBM will be at Fuorisalone. In the Material Village area IBM will showcase how Watson through its cognitive capabilities interacts with humans in natural language and increases the potential and competences of experts in every sector.

It will be possible to participate in a new and exciting virtual shopping experience, augmented by cognitive capabilities, aimed to make the distribution industry more and more competitive.

Attendees will be able to touch first-hand the benefits of Artificial Intelligence through:

Build with Watson – preconfigured functionality to enrich the applications through the Augmented Intelligence

Personality Insight – app reading  preferences and user attitudes, analyzing Twitter profile

Image Insights – app understanding users personality through the analysis of shared images

Within the “Materials for Smart City” exhibit, IBM, together with Relatech – an IBM Business Partner – will present Re-Zone, a solution measuring real time traffic in several areas of the exhibition itself. The results will be simultaneously shown on the monitor at the entrance. Based on cognitive and social analytics solutions, Re-Zone offers the ability to identify optimization opportunities for areas open to the public.

On April 5 and 7 Material Village will host two IBM conferences:

– A workshop on Design Thinking, to apply design concepts to project methodologies

– A conference dedicated to Milano4You, project, presenting a highly innovative real estate model and housing development, where IBM will contribute with its Watson IoT platform.


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