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LITHOS MOSAICO ITALIA during the Milan design week presents its exclusive artistic mosaics, floors and walls, which clearly communicate all the seductiveness and expressive power of marble.

With La Perle, David and Galè (design Andrea Mighali), the collection of artistic mosaics REWIND MASTERPIECES, gathers and celebrates the great masters of international art, reinterpreting their masterpieces through the prism of new design trends. The most renowned works of the past become protagonists of contemporary design. Characterized by a low thicknesses (4 mm), these mosaics are available both as mesh-mounted, as well as lightweight pre-assembled repositionable panels, a timely response to the growing demand for tailor-made furniture by professionals and clients.

Wall coverings include the Gateway series (design Andrea Mighali), with a rich mélange of highly decorative marble. Here the main actors are colours and an extremely stylized arch pattern, in its fascinating shades and contemporary-retro style. Realized by waterjet cutting, the series is and is also available in slate, ideal for outdoor use, and is available in various surface finishes, from the natural to the textured ones. A new concept of sumptuousness that crosses all environments and surfaces: walls, floors or architectural and furnishing volumes.

Flora is definitely a theme of strong inspiration. The Ivy series of coverings (design Andrea Mighali), suggests an elegant natural habitat through a hanging vegetation, made of mirrors, reflections and precious marbles. A precious ecosystem embedded in the wall with a surprising yet relaxing visual impact.

Unmistakable, MUST collection by Lithos Mosaico Italia is a line of marble and slate floors and wall tiles, offered in the most varied, appealing and contemporary geometric shapes. This rich selection of marble and stone is declined in eight different finishes (streak, groove, velvet, touch, soft, sand, bouch, cleft), ranging from the smooth to the grooved ones. A surprising range of visual and tactile effects that are able to meet the most demanding and refined tastes or design objectives.

As for herringbone floors, Chevy (design Andrea Mighali), offers a mesh-mounted Chevron module (28,5x39x1 cm), composed by elements of increasing size. Two main colour combinations present its’ variants: a delicate Pink, Calacatta and Travertino red and the version in shades of Bardiglio gray, Calacatta, Calacatta gold and Carrara white. A timeless motif that can give a refined touch to any environment, ideal for completing luxury interiors and high-end contract.

“Omaggio a Scarpa” is a series of cast flooring and large format (100×300 cm) wall tiles of strong personality. Realized with the Terrazzo technique, these continuous surfaces offer a fascinating visual homogeneity, enriched by marble inserts that emerge in rigorous and elegant patterns. The series, available in three prime colours: Carrara white, Marquinia black and green, responds to an essential aesthetics of undoubted contemporary design, and makes it possible to create floors and walls of the highest quality, with a significant reduction in installation time and ease of maintenance.

With OP’Land – Wall (design Alessandra Ondeggia-Lithos Mosaico Italia), floral patterns or concentric geometries develop on 3D surfaces to create exclusive and finely monochromatic mosaics. A game of optical effects and sinuous three-dimensional curves where sight and touch enjoy continuous discoveries. The keywords here are elegance and dynamism.

The company, leader in the production of special decorations on marble with the “Acquaforte” etching technique, also presents the collections MUST, TWENTY and PIETRE GRAFFITE (design Pierangelo Caramia and Vincenzo Carrisi).




LITHOS MOSAICO ITALIA has always been faithful to the multifaceted Italian culture and traditions. Design is art, a distinctive element of the Made in Italy. Our Mission is to combine beauty, originality and unstoppable research. To create unique surfaces by the finest materials, with high-craftsmanship production methods, supported by innovative technologies.

The uniqueness of the new projects conveys the values of this research, creativity and production quality; characteristics that represent the company’s DNA. The skills and inventive expressiveness of the designers, contribute to the company expertise, they reflect and support the spirit of the brand.

This is how, we make unique mosaics and coverings, and how they stand out for their timeless style and quality.



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