Lorenzi, one of the world leading microfiber and tech-textiles producers, presents a selection of its materials for furniture and fashion accessories.

The fabrics are shown through end products: furniture, bags, backpacks, apparel and sport shoes. All made combining high-technology and craftsmanship.

The Company main focus are high performance materials, designed to withstand even in extreme conditions.

Among the news: Lyliane SafeXtreme, a microfiber with a special coating which is waterproof, fireproof, easy to clean and enduring in every weather conditions (extreme temperatures, salted water, uv rays, etc.). The fabric is perfect for outdoor furniture, automotive, marine and aviation fields.

BackBlack is a fabric which reduce the heating by the sun with a special treatment which reflects infrared rays.

In addition to the hi-tech applications, it will be presented the project “This is Not Leather” with furniture, accessories and apparel with the natural taste of leather, but with better performance and cruelty-free.

A special place is dedicated to GEN-Y, a young brand which make urban apparel and accessories with Lorenzi tech fabrics.

All the Lorenzi materials are conceived for products made to be long lasting.


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