Material ConneXion Tokyo

Material ConneXion Tokyo

Material ConneXion Tokyo hold an exhibition at Materials Village with some important Japaneese Materials Manufacturers:

Since the business is started in 1975, hole processing and outline machining by a multi-spool machine have been begun prior to an other company. The value of the hole is pursued in particular in recent years, “dou common property” “sound absorbency” “permeability” “air permeability” “fluidity” “Weight saving” “designability” “radiation” “sight” “dust resistance” achieves improvement of various functionality by hole drilling.
An office specialized in hole processing. When I’d like to derive customer’s seen smiling face over the hole, it’s being pursued every day.


Functional mesh
High performance mesh material woven with monofilament yarn of thread diameter from 24um to 33um. It is mainly used for industrial materials such as automobile injectors, medical filters, and silkscreen printing plates.


NITTAX CORPORATION is established in 1919 when the word of “ecology” and “plywood” not be heard like today. NITTAX, the pioneer plywood company in Japan, started manufacturing plywood for the efficient use of wood resource.

For the last 98 years, NITTAX has manufactured and supplied many kinds of wood products for industry, architecture, design, and for many markets to meet the requirements. NITTAX continues supplying high quality products for customers with the unchanging pioneer spirit for the next 100 years. (519 characters)

COMPLITE Ⓡ is special composite material, manufactured from hardwood veneers with phenol resin compressed in high temperature and under high pressure. Each veneer sheets are beautifully colored and special resin infused, pressing in high temperature and resin hardens inside of wood cells. The material performs much better physical and mechanical properties. The special build of COMPLITE Ⓡ makes it possible used in many applications where long durability, hardness, and dimensional stability is required, such as industrial structure, woodworking machine. They are also used in medical application such as wooden wheelchair needs the resistant to x-rays, for furniture, architecture, kitchen knives handle for its resistance to water and beautiful combination of color with natural wood grain. Not only for its hardness, but also it is comparatively easy to machine, COMPLITE Ⓡ makes it an excellent choice for manufacturers of exclusive woodworking products.


Mitsui Chemicals has generated various world’s-first, Japan’s-first materials and products since the birth of a business in 1912. The unique materials and products are the current and future important basement of automotive, electronic, healthcare, agriculture, packaging, energy, infrastructure industries and so on. We think that would not develop just only “FUN”. We would find some solution to participate in Material Village 2018 in Milano.

ABSORTOMERTM is a new olefin based polymer with molecular structure optimized at nano-meter level with the use of Mitsui Chemicals’ long-cultivated catalyst technology. It is unique in that its feel varies with the temperature. At a low temperature, it is hard and keep its shape. After it is heated, it changes to a soft feel and flexible one. ABSORTOMERTM is supplied as the pellet, the addition of this material to different materials at the time of molding adds features such as stress relaxation and following property (close adhesion to uneven surfaces), and helps to develop unique products.

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