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Novacolor is a leading company in the segment of decorative textured paints and plasters, specially formulated for architecture and interior design. The company was established in 1982 in Italy. Thanks to intuition and creativity, along with the implementation of modern technologies, Novacolor product range expanded fast through the years. Nowadays Novacolor is able to provide architects worldwide with a complete assortment of textured effects and polished plasters for interiors and exteriors, as well as wall coatings for modern or historical town settings. A unique offer that combines new trends with highly performing products: from modern cement-look effects to more traditional mineral plaster coatings, micro-cement flooring systems, very creative oxidations and metallic effects.
Novacolor is extremely sensitive towards environmental issues and is committed to improve its mission day by day: new decorative finishes, high performance and innovative technical solutions.
The latest creation of Novacolor is Design Pieces, a signature collection of twenty tailor-made panels, in three different dimensions, to enhance any interior space with colors and textures. Design Pieces offers an attentive selection of decorative effects, created to perfectly match any chromatic choice. True paintings on wood, decorated with modern imitations of concrete, oxidation effects and classical textures. A collection of architectural elements that is meant to expand year by year.



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