New Materials for a Smart City

Event show on the new frontiers of material innovation to build a smart city

Within the platform ‘Materials Village’ at Superstudio Più in Via Tortona during Milan Design Week 2017, Material ConneXion® Italy organizes the exhibition event.

The exhibition, will have the patronage of the Municipality of Milan and aims to offer an articulate overview on the frontier of innovation of enabling technologies for the construction of new smart cities.

The vision of smart cities implies tangible expression. Often the concept of smart city is linked, in technology, not only to the immateriality of ICT and urban strategies, but also to the material issue. The creation of enabling infrastructures entails in fact the implementation of physical and virtual spaces that are realized through material solutions.

A new focus on the issue of materials is therefore required to create virtuous, collaborative, dialogic, inclusive, and active relationships between the human, intellectual, and social capital of those who live the city and the enabling infrastructures.

In this context, the new frontier of technological innovation, together with an appropriate planning strategy, contributes to the management of urban problems that smart cities are facing: pollution (environmental, lighting, sound, etc.), energy costs, mobility, urban cleaning, waste management, disaster risk and safety, etc.

“New materials for a smart city” offers an overview, in a material perspective, on the new frontiers of innovation of enabling technologies for urban planning and building of a smart city: eco-efficient and low impact materials for green building and planning of new public spaces; technological innovation for smart grid, public lighting and sensors’ networks; advanced composites for new light, resistant and interconnected infrastructures; smart high- and low-tech materials for a new safety, healthiness, acoustic and lighting comfort, both in public and domestic environments; solutions for new green, vertical farming, hydroponic farming, new public green spaces.

The concept of “internet of things” is paired with the one of “internet of materials”.

The exhibition event will propose a selection of innovative solutions with the aim of materializing the concept of smart city and will showcase and disseminate new technological solutions needed to improve the functioning of the city and life of its inhabitants.

The exhibition is organized into four thematic areas: Eco-Innovation; Advanced Building; Smart Living; ICT equipment. In an area of the exhibition will be presented the project ‘’Sharing Cities’’ in which the Municipality of Milancollaborates with an European consortium of partners and companies for the identification of solutions for the city and smart communities able to integrate energy, transport and ICT sectors. The exhibition will be integrated with meeting events, discussion and dialogue on various issues about technological materials related to smart cities.

“To design a smart city
you need a smart planning strategy,
but to achieve it you need smart materials” 
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