Oltremateria® and Caldobenessere® Surfaces

ECOMAT SRL®’s aim, by its brands Oltremateria® and Caldobenessere®, is to satisfy the needs of its consumers and to constantly develop new ideas and application techniques with which to meet their expectations.
Indoor air quality, high environmental energy standards of buildings and healthy rooms in balance with nature are the pillars of our living well-being.
The innovactive products Oltremateria® and Caldobenessere® respect the environment since they cut down on the use of natural resources and have a lower impact on the environment.

ECOMALTA® and OLEOMALTA® by Oltremateria®

Innovactive materials mono components , water and sunflower oil based, the result of painstaking technological research, for floors and surfaces, in complete respect for the environment, free from cements, epoxy resins and substances toxic to humans and the environment.
Ecomalta® and Oleomalta® are certified products specifically designed to improve performance and bring well-being in residential and public spaces.


Innovation in the heating sector achieved through high technological content radiant products and surfaces.
Our heating technology uses the same principle as solar rays, making improvements in blood circulation and immune system.
The CALDOBENESSERE® system does not require the installation of boiler and requires no annual maintenance resulting in significant cost savings

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