OLTREMATERIA® brings “VITAMINS” into the air of your home with ECOPUR®

The objective of the Oltremateria® brand is to meet the needs of its customers by constantly developing new ideas, technologies and application techniques to bring greater well-being in residential and public spaces.

Ecomalta® and Oleomalta® by Oltremateria® are innovative, single-component water and sunflower oil based materials for floorings, walls, furniture and furnishing accessories, born from careful technological research and in total respect of the environment, free from cement, epoxy resins and substances toxic to man and the environment.

Oltremateria® introduces Ecopur®, the world’s first ionizing, active antibacterial continuous surface that purifies the air 24 hours a day. Ecopur is a high performance continuous surface that purifies air, sanitizes the environment, fights unwanted odours and refreshes spaces. Its outstanding feature is that, both lit and in the dark, it actively purifies the air of pollutants, bacteria, viruses and bad odours, just as a large tree would, turning every covered surface into an air purifier, without consuming energy and without using titanium dioxide.

Modula is the new Oltremateria® solution of decorative and crafted technological panels with very low thickness.
These panels are coated with Ecomalta®/Oleomalta® and are suitable for bathrooms, showers, kitchens, livingrooms and furniture in the residential and public sectors

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