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German consumer electronics company since 1930

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Pinton 1957

Pinton collections are characterized by the expression of values ​​and traditions that time and fashions will never be confused. Quality products with the care their craftsmanship. The solidity of the structures, comfort, reliability and the emotionality of coatings are the characteristics of its products, all equipped with the warranty certificate which attests to the authenticity.

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35011 Campodarsego (PD) - ITALY
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Poliuretano è

POLIURETANO E’ is a project promoted by seven leading companies in Italy in the production of flexible polyurethane foam (Cires SpA, SpA ICLA Plastics, Resins northern Italy SpA, Olmo Giuseppe SpA, Orsa Foam Spa, Spa and SIP Pelma Polyurethanes South Italy Srl) with the aim of promoting the polyurethane mattress quality by encouraging the knowledge of its performance characteristics. Promotional activity provides an extensive program of activities for retailers and manufacturers of items of furniture and mattresses for the home.

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Roofingreen is a start-up founded in Turin by the technical expertise of a multidisciplinary team, which has obtained a patent for an innovative modular system for coating and insulation of ventilated surfaces, both flat and vertical.

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tel. 011 198 557 08