Suzuki Italia

Suzuki Italia

Suzuki Motor Corporation is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of cars, motorcycles and outboard engines.

The company was founded in 1909 by an entrepreneurial idea of Michio Suzuki, who, in the town of Hamamatsu, in Japan, builds a factory for the production of textile looms.

In 1920 the Company was deeply reorganized in order to undertake the industrial journey on an international scale, taking the name of Suzuki Loom Manufacturing Co.

In 1952, Power Free, Suzuki’s first motorized bicycle equipped with a 36 cc engine, was born. Hamamatsu, where the Suzuki Headquarters was located, has strong seasonal winds that make it difficult to cycle when there is headwind. He would ride his bicycle to go fishing, but thought “it would be so much easier if this bike had an engine …” This idea developed into Power Free.

From then on, industrial activity in different sectors continued its incessant growth path, even in cars and motor marine sectors, focusing on values such as reliability, design and innovation.

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