TILESKIN® 2017 Straight to the Future


The TILESKIN® 2017 exhibition project aims to offer visitors the opportunity to imagine the transformation of its premises, to give new makeover and new life to rooms and areas now out of fashion.
Tileskin® is not a single decoration in spots, but a complete decorating system that allows a real transformation for a tiled surface.
To be dynamic TILESKIN® is designed to have a temporary character, to be modern and easily editable.
The ability to display an almost infinite range of colors, applied to 10×10 tiles, allows you to create a chromatic kaleidoscope that is unmatched in the decorative landscape, to create what until now has never thought of being able to obtain.
IT support may help Customers to create ideas and approaches according to parameters designed by Professionals, while leaving a free hand to the most imaginative customers.

TILESKIN® is the Unique versatile solution to renew floor and wall tiles : Old style bathrooms, kitchens and tiled spaces, may be renewed in a real fashion way.
Everything happens simply, without removing the tiles, producing rubble, making dust, noise or maybe even move for a few days … always thinking of returning to the starting point by simply removing TILESKIN® decorated surfaces.
Available in 5 different versions to offer solution to any tiled environment (kitchen, bathrooms, hallways, floors, walls, back cooker areas), are presented with a glossy or matte finish depending on the version.


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