T2C, regenerated fibers for a circular economy

The acronym T2C stands for Trash-2-Cash, a project co-funded by the EU under programme Horizon 2020 aiming to create new regenerated fibres from pre- and post-consumer textile waste, adopting the European Commission’s implementation for the circular economy Action Plan. The overall motivation of the project is to reduce the use of virgin materials and the reduction of landfill by recycling used materials through a design-driven approach. T2C intends to provide creative companies with new materials made with regenerated polyester and cellulosic fibres, having similar properties to virgin materials, although with reduced associated environmental impact. The project is supported by a cross-disciplinary consortium combining science, technology, design and end-users, where the involved partners represent the complete chain: academic and industrial designers defining the demands and initiating the material development processes, researchers applying innovative technologies and industrial partners, both SMEs and large enterprises, connected to various end-production sectors. Material ConneXion Italia is co-responsible of the project management and facilitates the dialogue between the different areas of competence: design, manufacturing and R&D.



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