UNIC – Concerie Italiane

UNIC – Concerie Italiane

Reinforcing, more and more, its leadership, on an international scale as well. Italian tanning industry reaffirms its leading position in the world by reaching, in 2017, 27,5% of leather export worldwide and 20% of global turnover overall. Tanneries manufacturing of finished leather amounted to 129 million square meters.

The ITALIAN TANNING INDUSTRY hires about 18 thousand employees in over 1,200 companies, reaching an annual turnover of 5 billion euros (75% for export). It is traditionally considered a world leader in terms of value (65% in the EU, 18% on a worldwide global scale), and standard of internationalization, for its high technological and qualitative development, a strong environmental commitment and the innovative expertise in terms of design.

UNIC Italian Tanneries, the most important association of tanners worldwide, represents a strategic business that is an essential part of Italian manufacturing industry and economy. Founded in Rome on 9 April 1946, it is a no-profit private organization fully supported by Italian tanneries. It promotes the tanning industry interests and represents the business at whichever level. On top of that, it fosters innovation and strives hard to enhance the social and environmental role of the tanning industry; it also provides commercial services directed at the sector market.

Italian leather allure spreads out worldwide. You can also personally see that in Milan, at LpFashionStudio, a library that collects thousands of samples. The same goes for fashion presentations, which take place, every year, all around the world: over 2,000 attendees took part in 25 style seminars, held in 8 different countries, in 2017. Yet, you can also share that emotion at Lineapelle Milano (the leading business experience for global fashion industry), twice a year, along with London and New York sneak previews and other exhibition events: over 100,000 visitors, in total, have been participating in such fairs.

Leather is a natural and renewable material. It is also a waste product of the food industry, subsequently converted into a long-lasting commodity, with high added value. Leather manufactured by Italian tanneries is a traditional and perfect model of circular economy. It plays a relevant part in balancing the socioeconomic and environmental system, where the leather industry actively works, by enhancing its own scraps and making them increasingly useful for other industries’ development. The last mentioned mission keeps up, on a regular basis, thanks to the implementation of several synergies with a number of industrial activities.



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