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ACT Shenkar: Shenkar College of Engineering, Design and Art

ACT Shenkar, a center of creative ideas worth looking at from an economic perspective, strives to create social and economic value by redefining the boundaries of art, design and engineering, and leading those creative ideas towards sustainability.

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Akzo Nobel

AkzoNobel is the largest manufacturer of specialty chemicals as well as a leader in powder coatings . Headquartered in the Netherlands, AkzoNobel is one of the 500 companies included nell’Euronext of Amsterdam and in the Global Fortune Chemical Industrial Group and first inserted and included in the Dow Jones nell’FTSE4 Good Index .
Akzo Nobel is a multicultural organization that provides customers all over the world thanks to the widespread presence on the market. Forefront of technological innovation is able to give concrete answers and always attentive to safeguarding the environment and health of employees and customers. The main objective of AkzoNobel is in fact the development of sustainable responses with a high level of excellence .

AkzoNobel is known in the market through many of its brands, today we want to present Interpon ® , the leading brand in the field of powder coatings and Sikkens ® , a leader in the decorative products murals. Powder coatings are solvent-free coatings chemicals , VOC free and heavy metals . Can be considered environmentally friendly , which is why in 2011 AkzoNobel became the first chemical company which has been recognized as the most important global certification for sustainability: Platinum SMaRT (Sustainable Materials Rating Technology) .

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Ferro provides manufacturers with materials to enhance the functionality, durability or beauty of products that touch our lives every day.  From cars and appliances to containers and packaging, building and industrial products to household furnishings, personal electronics to medical devices, Ferro is all around you – enhancing life through superior materials performance.

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Federica Pastonesi

Architect in charge of special projects at Material ConneXion Italia.
She has collaborated with Studio Vudafieri, Systematics 2000, Navone Associati Studio, Studio Zpz Partners and Domus Academy Research Centre.
Coordinator of the project “A Designer for Companies” in collaboration with the Chambers of Commerce of Milan, Como, Monza Brianza and Province of Milan.

Federica Pastonesi Info fpastonesi@materialconnexion.com