XL EXTRALIGHT® is a closed-cell foam material, developed by the creative research skills of Finproject Industries, for 53 years now an international company leader in the production of PVC and XLPO Compounds, foam products and ultralight shoe soles. This closed-cell Material is obtained with a new polyolefin- based compound ideal for producing expanded and reticulated products using injection technology.
The quality of the XL EXTRALIGHT® has proved to be far ahead of all alternative materials due to its excellent features of lightness, durability, comfort, great physical and mechanical properties and excellent tactile feel. Furthermore, thanks to tis cushioning results a natural shock- absorber, exhibits excellent resistance against aging and has good flotation.
Light, flexible, resistant and eco-friendly, it is suitable for endless applications, from footwear to automotive sector, spa industry as well as marine accessories and other high performance products.
It’s easy to see how XL EXTRALIGHT® can become the perfect ingredient for those companies who want to create innovative, unique as well as sustainable products and certainly in compliance with all safety and environmental issues.
Finproject, thanks to its integrated chain, is able to guide you through all the stages of the project, from the selection of the most suitable material for your application, to the making of the finished product.

XL EXTRALIGHT® Info www.xlextralight.com

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