Today the Finproject group, with its headquarters at Morrovalle, in the heart of the Marche region where it was born and where its history began fifty years ago, is an international leader in the production of compact and expanded compounds (PVC and Polyolefin) and in the production and marketing of soles and ultralight items for the major brands of the footwear market and other industrial sectors marketed with the brand XL EXTRALIGHT®.

The lightness and versatility of XL EXTRALIGHT® are at 100% Design, a London Design Festival event staged at Olympia London, with a new stand where lightness takes shape inside an original and stimulating space. Inspired by the graphic layout and style of the xlextralight.com website, the new stand is a source of endless functional design inspiration, where visitors participate in the creative process through a few selected elements that enhance the character and uniqueness of XL EXTRALIGHT®.

The brand’s stand at 100% Design in London is an invitation to explore and learn about innovation in a space conceived to act as a kind of design showcase. Visitors are free to explore the versatility of EXTRALIGHT® and its transformation into something new and unexpected. The essential but striking style features aim to enrich the product’s story, from concept and engineering to production.

The area inside the stand is populated by design elements such as Gufram’s Bounce Chair designed by Karim Rashid and made of XL EXTRALIGHT®, by information totems and display containers featuring of the brand. Taken together, the project describes the research work and experimentation that have been distinctive features of Finproject Industries over the years as it continues to develop unmistakable products permeated by innovation, technology and lightness.

Via San Gabriele, 96
62010 Morrovalle (MC) - ITALY
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Sara Vecchiola
Head of Brand Marketing & Communication
IP Manager

Stefano Silenzi
Marketing & Communication Assistant
s.silenzi@ finproject.com