“The title that we have given to the installation is Synchronicity. An installation about materials: an idea very seductive for a designer. An occasion unrepeatable, to make a dream come true: to put together marvelous materials, with their unexpected and amazing characteristics, their natural origins or completely artificial, virtuous, sustainable or an expression of a scientific research and vanguard technology.

A unique temptation to put them all in the same environment and direct a metaphorical orchestra of design possibilities.

Synchronicity is precisely this: The creation of an almost infantile fantasy. A mechanism of precision that speaks of synchrony, of movements and decisive movements, of the fluidity of an organic process, even though it is directed by man.

Look at these innovative materials full of potential with an eye that is free of design “obligations” and ready above all to discover the concrete possibilities and pay tribute, at least symbolically, to the times we are living in: rich, stimulating, vivacious. An artificial garden that sprouts under our eyes, built with wisdom and ecological commitment. More than this…” Matteo Ragni

matteo ragni studio