Urban Oasis – Organic Architecture Sustainability Innovation Spaces

“New places where you can recover energy, space , tranquility, return to breathe and think in harmony and balance between city and nature. The goal of the project is to restore meaning to non-places: a capsule to isolate themselves in the green oasis of privacy and of silence in the city more and more chaotic and conflicting, view of the Smart City where the center is the man and his well-being. A project and a prototype for existing places and new spaces: public places – hotels, restaurants, cafes, shopping centers, libraries, schools, museums, airports, stations and private environments – offices, homes etc. A capsule design for product architecture that can be placed in all conditions, indoor and outdoor.” This is the definition of the architect Massimiliano Mandarini, with Marchingenio Workshop, on the house he designed for the first edition of Materials Village in Milan.

Among the guests at her home include:  B&FLignum VenetiaMBA and Preamfono.