Vincenzo Collesi – Collesi Italian Vision

Architect Vincenzo Collesi was born in Melfi of Southern Italy in 1974 from a family of “creatives”.

The Collesi architecture studio, situated in Milan, has a concept like a window to attract clients that not only can see and understand the stylistic settings offered, but also touch with their hands the materials in which we work with, breath the living atmosphere that was recreated in the spaces and see the technological solutions that we propose.

Our work is based on exclusive design proposals for each client. Each new creative project is studied and created by measure for each detail.

Every project is unique. They are diverse and exclusive because they are conceptualized and developed from the comprehension of the desire of the client, which is accompanied until the final result, studying and enhancing his personal taste, without proposing “trends of the moment”. The stylistic proposal of Studio Collesi defines classic with some fine modern touches.

Every single detail is evaluated, researched, proposed and in the end chosen together with the client. Controlling in every way possible the creation, carefully choosing the best suited materials but also the most innovative and the most modern technological solutions for a result that is both aesthetically pleasing and of notable value. The result is truly reached if the client finds that his needs have been met with his personal taste, the final work makes him feel at home, and perceives a real sense of wellness and belonging.

This ambitious result is reached only with close-knit teamwork between the client and architect, but not only this. A fundamental role is without a doubt from the fingers of Italian craftsmen that for years create for us the part of manufacturing. This is the second focal point that distinguishes the creation of our projects: The processes are given only to a select few Italian companies that express the highest levels of craftsmanship and the “Italian know-how” with the exclusive use of materials and technologies made in Italy.

We work for some time now with a close-knit community of artisan carpenters, cabinetmakers, marble workers, smiths, decorators, textile producers, that not only create very well our designs but often are an integral part of the conception of them, through a synergy of each persons skills and the experimentation of  materials and innovative solutions.

Our house “Collesi Italian Vision” is open to anyone who loves the tradition and that is renewed with our judgment the roots of pastimes and to do and create in the artisanal laboratories.